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PFAS is not an immediate public health risk

Last summer, PFAS was detected in the Snake River Water District’s water supply. It is important to understand there is not an immediate public health risk related to drinking tap water from Snake River Water District.

To be clear, SRWD is not out of compliance. Our detection was part of a testing cycle for the EPA's Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule #5. We have complied with all EPA and CDPHE guidelines. Our partnership with the CDPHE PFAS team has been outstanding, and they are providing recommendations for actions that we are following strictly.

Home Water Filters

Some customers have asked the District about using a water filter in their home to remove PFAS.  While we can make no specific recommendations, we rely on the EPA guidance for such PFAS information.

Please visit the EPA's Fact Sheet on removing PFAS with a home filter.

Fact Sheet on Filters

Drinking Water Quality Report for 2024 Published

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment compiles the water testing data from labs to produce a report for each public water system. They send this report to public water systems each year and require them to publish it for their customers. The SRWD report covering data for calendar year 2023 was delivered to us this week. We publish this report in the Summit Daily Legal Section, tape it to our office window, and create a web page for our website.

Funding the Water System Master Plan

The Board of Directors and Executive Director have been working for the past three years to evaluate options for continued funding of the Master Plan projects. On March 19th, the District successfully sold approximately $29 million in bonds with multiple maturities. The proceeds will fund the construction of many capital improvements that allow the District to proactively address population growth, changing regulations, and aging infrastructure. We are committed to providing reliable, uninterrupted service to our customers. Now our water system is ready to tackle the difficult challenges of the future.

2024 Approved Budget

The Snake River Water District Board of Directors approved the 2024 budget at the November 14, 2023 meeting. For a complete view of the detailed budget and the associated resolutions, please click on this link: 2024 Approved Budget


Budget Summary:


Operating Revenue


Operating Expenses


Customer Notifications Mailed in September

The Snake River Water District (District) notified customers in September, via mailer, that PFAS compounds were found in drinking water during mandatory testing completed earlier in 2023. If you are a customer of SRWD, and you did not receive a notification, please contact Scott Price at (970) 468-0328. 

The District has moved forward with additional voluntary testing. Additional sampling will be completed throughout 2024 and the District’s website will be used for updates as information becomes available. 

Future of Snake River Water District

Population growth, changing regulations, and aging infrastructure are continual challenges for providing drinking water to our region. The District is committed to being proactive to address these issues and provide reliable, uninterrupted service to our customers. 

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